Ecstatic Symphony

The home of inchoate dreams
tripled love, rippling exuberance
is waiting for me and me alone.
Not mansion but delirious home
set against the wretched rich palace
waltzing like whipped strawberries
plopping me over the incandescence
unpursing my lips and love
rolling the pen between my fingers
I moved my titillating musings
to that home accompanying zest and trust.
Beats mingle with chatter
harmony jingles with laughter
fantasy remains unclattered
in the serene ecstasy of life.
Clouds of dream drift and
sway under the rows of
mottled wind chimes
to this home let me tie
the sleeve note of symphony.


Love 24/7

Love at 12 a.m:

The dreams of him


Love at 5 a.m:

A flapping realization;

everything was a dream.

Love at 6 a.m:

with the first rays of daylight

a dewy desire about love.

Love at 7 a.m:

Time that you too get up

and every nerve,

really comes to life

and I too become complete.

Love at 8 a.m:

Boring long hours in the bus

again lead me to your thoughts.

Love at 9 a.m:

In the friendship circle

talks surfacing love

again focuses on you.

Love at 10 a.m:

The charming world

of literature,symbols

and images

again takes me to you.

Love at 1 p.m:

Lunch time reminds me

of your especial aliments

thrilling and exciting thoughts

about preparing food for you.

Love at 4 p.m:

Time to get back home

away from friends,

moving to the deep dark

caves of isolation

me and you.

Love at 5 p.m:

With tea cups in

my hands,

I long for your company

craving to share

the happenings of the day.

Love at 6 p.m:

Prayer time!

Lighting lamps, I pray

like everyday for our

boundless dreams to

come true.

Love at 10 p.m:

Finally, the cherished moment

breeze in;

your voice over the phone

soothes me.

The laughter affirms

constant hope that

keeps me going everyday.



Raindrops pattered

lifting my spirit

from the dizzy nap

to the highest peak.

Trifles ascended on the wings

to far away oblivion;

beatitude surrounding me

resembles the vibrant rainbow

of various hues in me.

I am violet

for the spirit is delighted

and calm.

I am indigo

the delirium of success

seduce me.

I am blue

the color of energy

discloses within me.

I am green

for the rain kisses

the core of my evergreen soul.

I am yellow

even in this rain

the sunshine of my life

never fades.

I am orange

the relishing fruit

of accomplished life.

I am red

high with the spirit

and splendor

in the bemused world.

You are needed

A disturbed mind swaying

like never before


like boots on the steps

enigmatic on the thresholds

of my life.

To thrive on protests

is not easy

nor do the thrones

excite me.

Mellow tunes may help


you cannot be replaced;

not even in the wildest thoughts.



embody language

of spirit,of meaning

of value and essence.

Every language evoke

emotions splendid.

Annex words

from each other,

they stand dependent.

French ‘routine’

German ‘angst’

Indian ‘khaki’

Arabic ‘assassin’

all are accepted.

So why this hazzle

my dear linguists…

Be at peace.



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