Love 24/7

Love at 12 a.m:

The dreams of him


Love at 5 a.m:

A flapping realization;

everything was a dream.

Love at 6 a.m:

with the first rays of daylight

a dewy desire about love.

Love at 7 a.m:

Time that you too get up

and every nerve,

really comes to life

and I too become complete.

Love at 8 a.m:

Boring long hours in the bus

again lead me to your thoughts.

Love at 9 a.m:

In the friendship circle

talks surfacing love

again focuses on you.

Love at 10 a.m:

The charming world

of literature,symbols

and images

again takes me to you.

Love at 1 p.m:

Lunch time reminds me

of your especial aliments

thrilling and exciting thoughts

about preparing food for you.

Love at 4 p.m:

Time to get back home

away from friends,

moving to the deep dark

caves of isolation

me and you.

Love at 5 p.m:

With tea cups in

my hands,

I long for your company

craving to share

the happenings of the day.

Love at 6 p.m:

Prayer time!

Lighting lamps, I pray

like everyday for our

boundless dreams to

come true.

Love at 10 p.m:

Finally, the cherished moment

breeze in;

your voice over the phone

soothes me.

The laughter affirms

constant hope that

keeps me going everyday.



About vidhya

I am an ardent lover of books and arts.

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